ETG urine drug testing cup

13 Panel ETG Urine Drug Test Cup with ETG & K2

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13 Panel ETG Urine Cup*

**Forensic-Use Only!**

If you need to screen for both drugs and EtG alcohol at the same time, our U-Cup 13 Panel Urine Drug Test Cup with EtG is the affordable drug testing solution you need. This multi-panel drug test not only identifies metabolites of 13 commonly abused drugs; it also screens for alcohol metabolites (EtG) in urine up to 80 hours after consumption

Configurations available: (NO ADULTERANTS)

U-CUP-3134: AMP300, BZO300, COC150, BUP10, ETG500, FEN100, K250, MDMA500, MTD300, MOP300, OXY100, THC50, MET1000
U-CUP-2134: AMP300, BZO300, COC150, TRA300, ETG500, FEN100, K2-50, MDMA500, MTD300, MOP300, OXY100, THC50, MET1000

Following urine collection, peel the label and view the test result in minutes.


  • Patent-pending drug screening test cup with built-in adulteration strip
  • Simple procedure with no additional steps required to activate test
  • Screw lid for non-leakage
  • Test format from 2 to 15 drugs per cup
  • Customized configurations available


  • Easy-to-read result displayed in strong color codes
  • Long-lasting results stable up to 1 hour
  • 99% accuracy proved by clinical studies
  • 24 months shelf life
  • Set to SAMHSA cut-off levels
  • FDA approved

***Please call for Bulk Pricing 419-852-2464!

*NOTE: In compliance with the FDA, products listed as “Forensic-Use Only” will only be sold to Law Enforcement agencies without exceptions. Test Kits policy prohibits their customers from selling these products to employment staffing agencies, health clinics, physician offices, home healthcare agencies, and other entities that are not involved in law enforcement.


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