Allergy Tests

Allergy Screening for you and your home!

Think they’re just a nuisance? Think again!
Allergies go far beyond the seasonal runny nose…

Largely perceived as just a frustrating fact of life, allergies are typically undiagnosed or self diagnosed. As a result, they are tolerated or treated with whatever is in the medicine cabinet. This remains the norm despite the growing body of clinical evidence linking allergies to chronic illness.

There are many types of allergies, and many different types of allergic reactions. Allergy may manifest itself in a variety of ways beyond the typical runny nose and watery eyes. Lesser known symptoms include headaches, acid reflux, skin rashes, depression, and chronic fatigue to name just a few.

Knowing if symptoms are related to allergy, and if so, what specifically is causing the allergic reaction is a critical first step in managing it effectively. Now a simple test from just a finger stick of blood is all it takes to get started on the right path.

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