Aware Breast Self-Exam Kit

Aware Breast Self-Exam Kit

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Aware Breast Self-Exam Kit

Intended to be used as an aid for performing breast self-examination, the Aware Breast Self-Exam pad includes everything needed to provide you with the confidence to do breast self-exams correctly.

  • Helps You Perform Your Monthly Breast Self-Exam
  • Patented Aware™ Pad Enhances Sensitivity
  • Also Includes Step-by-Step Directions
  • Clinically Proven and Used by Physicians
  • Convenient and Easy To Use
  • Reusable
  • FDA Cleared

The Breast Self-Examination Kit Contains:

  • The Aware™ Pad - which makes breast self-exam easy and convenient to do.  This unique pad increases your sense of touch by reducing friction between your fingers and breast. You will be amazed by how sensitive your fingers will now become. The Pad consists of two plastic sheets with liquid sealed in between and works in the same manner as soap and water, but it is not necessary to be in the shower.  The Aware™ Pad clings lightly to your skin.   When you place your fingers on the Aware™ Pad and press firmly against the Aware™ Pad, your fingers will glide smoothly across your breast. 
  • Breast Self Examination DVD- Simple and quick DVD which makes BSE easy and gives you the confidence to do it correctly.   This unique CD gives you step by step instructions on how to conduct BSE Properly.  It takes less than 5 minutes to watch and you will be comfortable in doing this yourself.
  • Helpful resources of organizations to call if you need additional  information including:  a reminder card for monthly BSE, mammogram and clinical breast exams. - In addition to the pad and DVD, there is also an easy to follow instruction guide (if you prefer to the CD).  There is also additional materials and resources to support you.
NOTE: Aware is an aid to breast self-exams. However this product makes no claim to find breast cancer, breast lumps or other breast disease. Aware should be used in conjunction with regular medical visits with your doctor.

The FDA has recently approved the Aware BSE kit as an aid in Breast Self Examination. We believe this kit will help make it much easier to conduct BSE each month. It is designed to arm you with the facts, and therefore, remove the fear. The kit also comes with easy illustrations, which will give you the confidence to do it right. Today we know that the best chance of curing cancer is to detect it early.
Helps You Perform Your Monthly Breast Self-Exam

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