Blufire BL-BA90 Body Fat Analyzer

Blufire BL-BA90 Body Fat Analyzer

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Blufire BL-BA90 Body Fat Analyzer

  • Easily measure both body fat percentage and weight simultaneously simply by stepping on the scale.
  • Uses state-of-the-art Bioelectrical Impediance Analysis to provide trusted, accurate results.
  • Auto-recognition feature instantly recognizes each user.
  • Personal data including Male/Female, Age, and Height can be stored in the personal data memory for 2 users.
  • Audible alerts prompt when to step on the unit, look at your readings, or confirm a setting.
  • Sleek, compact, and modern design is perfect for a variety of locations.

Unlike weight, body fat is not always visible and it can’t be determined by using an ordinary scale. Until now, getting a body fat reading has been expensive and time consuming, usually conducted only through medical and athletic facilities. The BluFire Body Fat Analyzer makes it simple and easy to test at home anytime.

Stay healthy – carrying too much body fat can increase your risk of developing serious health problems including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Research shows that maintaining a healthy weight and body fat range can reduce your risk and help prevent the onset of these conditions.

How Does It Work?

The BluFire Body Fat Monitor uses Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis. This technology passes a safe, low-level electrical signal through the body. It is difficult for the signal to flow through fat in the human body, but easy to flow through moisture in the muscle and other body tissues. This difficulty with which a signal flows through a substance is called impedance. So the more resistance, or impedance, the signal encounters, the higher the body fat reading.

Kit Includes

  • BluFire BA90 Body Fat Analyzer
  • One-year Limited Warranty
  • Owner’s Manual
  • 4 AA-Size Batteries
Click here to view the Owner's Manual (pdf)
Measures weight and body fat percentage in seconds!

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