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We provide drug test services to more than 10,000 agencies across the United States. As one of the nation's largest drug and alcohol testing laboratories, we have the experience and resources to keep pace with new trends in abuse.

We are dedicated to providing you with reliable drug testing solutions and responsive customer support. Whether you need a program for pre-employment testing, post accident, return-to-duty, or random drug testing, we've got you covered. As new drugs and abuse trends emerge, our programs evolve with your changing drug detection needs. 

What's Included?

We offer self collect lab testing or we can source everything through our collection network of 4,000+ collection sites!

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Instant Devices

Urine Testing Devices

Urine drug testing is a very accurate way to determine recent drug use history. It is the most common form of drug testing, used by schools, employers and families alike. A urine drug test requires collecting a small urine sample. No laboratory work is required - you can find out the results of your drug test almost instantly.

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Oral Fluid Testing Devices

In drug analysis, oral fluid drug screening has certain advantages over the screening of other biological fluids such as urine and blood. Oral fluid is readily accessible, and is less likely to be adulterated. With oral fluid tests the drugs may be detected immediately after ingestion, even before they are metabolized and would show up in urine. 

Hair Follicle Drug Testing is one of the most trusted methods of drug testing today and is used by law enforcement officials and organizations alike. It is extremely accurate, providing a drug history for up to 90 days and is proven to be more sensitive than Urine and Saliva drug testing.  

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