Nicotine Saliva Test

NicConfirm Oral Cotinine/Nicotine Test (25 per box)

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Instant Mouth Swab Cotinine Test Kits

Instant Saliva Nicotine Detection


  • Detect Cotinine (COT) 1-4 Days After Nicotine Use
  • 30 ng/mL Cotinine Cutoff Concentration
  • Color Saturation Indicator for Adequate Saliva Collection
  • Non-Invasive Instant Collection
  • Results Available Within 10 Minutes
  • Flat Panel for Easy Photocopying
  • 25 Tests Per Box
  • Forensic Use Only


With NicConfirm™, it’s easy to maintain a smoke-free environment.

For fast and accurate results, NicConfirm is a state-of-the-art nicotine testing solution. Mouth swab drug tests are becoming increasingly popular for the instant detection of nicotine metabolites. Our non-invasive NicConfirm saliva test quickly identifies substance abuse with zero risk of sample adulteration.


If you need to screen for habitual nicotine or tobacco use, our NicConfirm Mouth Swab Cotinine Tests are unmatched. Nicotine testing not only mitigates risk and promotes productivity in the workplace; NicConfirm Oral Fluid Devices provide a means of determining healthcare coverage and insurance premiums. This qualitative saliva drug test detects the presence of cotinine, a nicotine metabolite, within 10 minutes. NicConfirm Instant Nicotine Test Kits can be used under direct collector supervision to eliminate the risk of specimen adulteration.


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